1st Official Short Term Team

So, how would you sum up an amazing, life changing experience full of personal growth, new relationships, great food, a lot of hard work, lots of laughs all up held by an international band of prayer warriors which resulted in safety, great weather and a bond between people from different countries and cultures that will last a lifetime? Yeah, I’m not sure either, but I’ll give it a shot.

News Bulletin:

We would like to inform that, for personal reasons, missionary Fernando Luiz Brueckheimer (Kico) is on leave from any responsibilities with Quest until the end of 2012. 

Summer Camp 2012 Pictures and News

Staff 2012


We are excited to announce that we have four short-term teams coming to serve with Quest in 2012. We want to challenge you to consider to get involved and impact Brazil throgh a short-term mission experience.

For more information, please download this document which may help clarify questions you may have.


Nosso Retiro de Homens está chegando e você não vai querer ficar fora dessa.
O Homem Santificado - A obra completa de Deus.
Data: 23-25/05/14
Palestrante: Erlo Saul Aurich / Gramado - RS
Valor: R$110,00
Local: Acampamento Nova Vida/ Indaial-SC
Inscrição: inscricao@questbr.com

Confira as informação na página do Quest
ATENÇÃO: para fazer sua inscrição, mande um e-mail para inscricao@questbr.com e você receberá as informações de como proceder.
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